Answering Atheists' Objections to God and the Bible

In this class, Charlie Campbell responds to a variety of objections that atheists bring up about God and the Bible:

• “The Bible condones slavery! Only evil, selfish men would concoct a book like that!”

• “The God of the Old Testament commanded genocide, the wiping out of the Canaanite people in the Book of Joshua. A loving God would never command such a thing!”

• “Surely God doesn’t exist. If He did, He’d appear to us in a public setting and prove it to the world.”

• “The Bible was written by men! It’s not trustworthy.”

• “The universe is so vast! It’s foolish to think a god built a universe billions of light-years across just to have a personal relationship with you.”

• “Evolution is a proven fact.”

• “If God exists, why won’t He just heal an amputee by restoring his limb? Then we would all know He exists!”

• “The Bible is oppressive and harmful to women!”

• “Religions, Christianity included, are responsible for most of the world’s wars, suffering, and atrocities!”

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